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Far away

We are a Swedish company with our head office in Sundsvall. For natural reasons our geographic sphere of activities is boundless. Cargo loaded in Europe can be landed on the other side of the earth, and vice versa.

Transecure has a global network of reputable contacts and we have experience and references from every continent. Weaving a strong network takes time. We have thirty years of experience in spinning our web.

Transecure was established in 1989 and has provided advice to industry concerning shipping documentation as well as the international rules for cargo owners.

During 2003 the company introduced simplified transport documentation via its website and as of January 2004

Transecure offers loss control in the transport chain founded on technology and its expertise. Transecure also manages claims adjustment and recovery on behalf of cargo owners and insurance companies.

For 10 years now Transecure have manage and developed a designed Charterers Liability Insurance cover, this unique cover is secured by InterHannover Insurance Ltd