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Charters Liability Insurance

Transecure Charterers Liability Insurance* is a charterers cover, basically designed for charterers of small and midsize vessels with a range of 2 000 – 30 000 GT.

Basically industry companies with own production and/or sales of forestproducts, steel and oil is the main clients today. There’s also a growing number of trading houses using this wide and flexible cover. Transecure responds daily to enquires and can therefore give protection to “spot charters” day by day.

From 2012-01-01 we have added FD&D cover to our Charterers Liability product.


Read our terms and conditions(PDF) and FD&D

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Insurance Cover

Transecure Charterers Liability Insurance

Limit: Max EUR 50.000.000 for each accident.

Cover: Voyage, Trip and Time-charters

Charter party: Gencon, Conline, Baltime, Gentime, NYPE, Bare Boat

Cargo: All general cargo and oil.

Trade: Worldwide.

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*The "Transecure Charterers Liability Insurance" is secured by an AA rated insurance company.